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Most Popular Trees and Palm Trees for Planting

We carry these cactus, agave, yucca, and more. Sizes may vary from 1 gal, 5 gal, or 15 gal.

Please note selection may vary depending on time of year.


Mastic 'Pistacia Lentiscus'

  • Full sun

  • Moderate/ Low water

  • Litter free

  • Great for shade

  • Very slow growing

Chilean Mesquite 'Prosopis Chilensis'

Native Mesquite

Sweet Acacia 'Acacia Smalli'

Willow Acacia 'Acacia Salicina'

Texas Ebony 'Pithecellobium Flexicaule'

Blue Palo Verde 'Cercidium Floridum'

Desert Museum Palo Verde 'Cercidium-Parkinsonia Hybrid'


Texas Mountain Laurel 'Sephora Secundiflora'

Cascalote 'Caesalpinia Cacalaco'

Chinese Elm 'Ulmus Parvifolia'

Citrus Trees

Palm Trees:

Pygmy Date Palm 'Phoenix Roebelenii'

  • Morning sun/ afternoon shade

  • Moderate/low water

  • Fast growing

  • Great in pots

Pygmy Date Palm 'Phoenix Roebelenii' verde valley nursery garden center fountain hills

Mediterranean Fan Palm 'Chamaerops Humilis'

Sago Palm 'Cycas Revoluta'

Pineapple Palm 'Phoenix Carpaensis'

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