Almost nothing looks more beautiful than a luscious yard. Your yard is only as good as your irrigation system.

Our team has years of experience running new irrigation to support your landscaping needs.

Arizona is a unique desert landscape which requires careful planning whenever looking to plant something new on your property. At Verde Valley Landscaping, we provide customized watering solutions for homeowners. We uniquely design and install sprinkler systems which eliminate watering hassles with great features such as programmable clocks. Also, with an automatic timer and valves, you will have the time to not only enjoy your beautiful landscape but be able to do the things you enjoy rather than watering the yard.

Benefits of Automatic Irrigation Systems:

  • More efficient use of water
  • Sustainable
  • Excellent drainage
  • Maximize water retention
  • The ability to fully schedule your watering program
  • No worries about having time to water each day
  • You can also have a drip system for low water usage or for pots and hanging baskets
  • You will be utilizing the optimum pressure

Our watering solutions are effective, state of the art, and eco-friendly. We’re proud of our ability to craft customized watering plans.


Our skilled irrigation technician experts ensure your sprinkler system works the way it should all year long. We recommend setting a consultation to evaluate your current drip system and run through any necessary fixes.

Because your irrigation system is out of sight, it often goes out of mind, which can lead to unnecessary issues and repairs.

Our friendly staff is experienced in changing the clock batteries, programming, adjustments, and assessment of any needed repairs We’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about that.

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