Emergency Service Included

24/7 Emergency Service Included for Every Client!

Our desert climate is a unique environment to work within. Impressive dust storms, microbursts, flash flooding, intense heat, extreme temperature variations, and long spells between measurable rain showers can take a toll on even the most carefully planned and maintained landscaping.

Emergencies do come up and we are prepared to meet them!

A live person always answers the phone, even at 2 a.m. Property managers aware of damage or noticing any of the warning signs listed should contact our 24/7 Emergency Service line. Rest assured that our long-term relationships with the top nurseries in the Valley make it simple to renew the life of any landscape environment, despite any tantrums Mother Nature may have.

Warning Signs

  • Tree limbs touching buildings, block walls or fencing
  • Exposed root systems
  • Broken walkways due to roots
  • Wires touching tree, shrub or hedge branches
  • Dead tree limbs
  • Dying brush
  • Visible cracks in trees
  • Fallen trees or limbs
  • Clogged irrigation

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