Hoping for help figuring out a landscape design for center island in driveway to be completed now, with discussion of possible longer term projects (front courtyard, driveway).


We are interested in learning which plants you’d recommend and an estimate for costs for plants/soil and planting them.

To start, we are interested in planning advice for a 15′ x 4′ area in our backyard, which is in full sun, facing west. The area where we would like to plant bushes and/or vines is currently partially covered with rocks, which are 5-6″ x 3″.

The rocks would need to be either moved or removed. There are also 3 healthy cactus plants in this area, which we would like to have removed. Might you have customers who would want them transplanted to their yards? Or do you have customers looking for large rocks?

The next project would be to plan for an area in front of our house which receives morning sun. This area used to have about 12 rose bushes. I will try to stop by today if you are open.

Thank you.